Our Team

CA Kailash Mota

Founder & CEO

Kailash is a qualified Chartered Accountant from India, with over 30 years wealth of experience in Senior Management Finance & Administration roles in Kenya, India and UAE. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, he is a Head-hunter, International Recruiter, Certified Career Counsellor, Motivational Speaker and a Published Author. ( www.kailashmota.com) He brings with him more than 9 years of head-hunting professionals for key positions across Africa. He has mentored and counselled over 300 students and professionals, both in India and Kenya.

He is also well known for penning down, the best-selling title, “Guru-A Long Walk to Success”, an awe-inspiring Autobiography of Dr. Narendra Raval (Guru), Founder & Chairman of Devki Group of Companies, Kenya. ( https://www.bloomsbury.com/in/guru-9789387146877/)

Ruchee Patel

Cofounder & Director

Ruchee, a Core Business Development & Human Resources Professional based in Ahmedabad, India, holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources and boasts over 15 years of extensive recruitment experience across Africa. She is a prominent figure in International Corporate Training, Coaching, and Mentoring. With a remarkable tally of 9 national, international, and Pan Asia level awards in 2023, her accolades speak volumes.

She has made significant strides in Corporate Trainings, HR Audits, and Recruitment. Furthermore, she passionately champions women’s empowerment, mentoring over 50 female leaders across MSME and other sectors, nurturing their business skills and fostering growth.