Human Resources-Placements, Advisory, Training & Psychometric Tests

About Service

Headquartered in Kenya and with affiliates working from India, Middle East and North America, we offer entire spectrum of human resources consultancy services including Talent Acquisition, Executive Search, Head-hunting, Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Psychometric Test, Implementations of HR policies & procedures, HR compliance audits, performance management, Outsourcing of the HR Function, payroll management, HR handbook development and review, job analysis among other services.

Having spent over 22 years in Kenya and also traveled across Africa, our Founder & CEO Kailash Mota is an experienced head hunter having recruited over 100 Senior level professionals for clients in various sector in Africa. Moreover, having worked as a CFO for over 15 years in a large sized family owned set up in Kenya, he has a thorough understanding of the employer expectations, mind-sets and work environment in Africa. Ms. Ruchee Patel, our Business Development & Recruitment Director (Africa) has over 13 years of hard-core experience of recruiting professionals for key position for clients across Africa.

Executive Search, Head-hunting, Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

Purpose-driven leaders play a vital role in any organizations or business’s success. Understanding this and taking into consideration the client’s work culture, requirements, confidentiality and urgency, we head hunt exceptional professionals for all C-suites positions in the quickest possible time,

Conventionally, hiring requires attracting the best available professional talent in the region. Our team with its experience, integrity and trust, with a large candidate data base, has the right mix to sources the right talent for its clients.

HR Advisory Services

A strong capital base is always the blood life of the company, but human resources are its life line. Hiring and retaining the talent is always a challenge for even the best of the companies. Along with our recruitment services, we offer the entire range of advisory services including job-design and evaluation, corporate training and development, performance management, labour and managerial relationship, compliance audits, implementation of HR policies and produces, HR handbook development and review including outsourcing of the HR Function.

Hiring Process Outsourcing

In today’s high-paced environment, where corporates have to focus on their core business needs, we work hand in hand with our clients’ leadership team by undertaking the entire hiring process. Our team of experts handles the complete recruitment process smoothly to ensure that the client hiring goals are achieved.

Psychometric Test

Today’s job market is highly competitive, where employers find the recruitment process challenging. Whether you want to hire a new employee or assess an existing one, psychometric tests allow an employer to further assess the prospective or existing employees, getting a clearer picture of the potential and behavior at workplaces.

Our psychometric assessment, based on well-proven psychometric theories and artificial intelligence (AI) will supplement your recruitment process. Our Certified Career Counselor CA Kailash Mota, provides one-to-one counseling for existing or potential employees as well.

CV and Covering Letter Writing

The first impression is always the best impression and a professionally presented CV in the step in any job-seekers journey. Through our associates, whose CVs and covering letters are professionally designed that will catch any prospective employers’ eyes. Contact us directly for charges for designing professional CVs.

Interview Preparation & Training

Interviews are the first step in your employment journey. Even experienced and versatile professionals fumble and fail to cross this first hurdle, often facing rejections. Our team of experts based in Africa and Canada, ensure that with their professional training (online and in person) ensure that you appear for interviews sheer confidence, without any traces of nervousness.

Background and Reference Checks

Integrity is at a premium in employment and most of the employers believe in hiring the right professional with high integrity to avoid any future challenge. Through our associates, at a fee, we assist corporates in getting any prospective candidates background check including previous employment, educational qualifications, criminal record (if any), identity, credit and character background check.