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Human Resource Services

HR Recruitment

We specialize in sourcing and selecting top-tier talent tailored to your organization’s needs. From entry-level to executive positions, we employ a comprehensive recruitment process to ensure you receive candidates who exceed expectations, driving the success and growth of your business.


Our Headhunting service, also known as Executive Search, focuses on sourcing the finest candidates for vital roles within your organization. We target high-level professionals who are currently employed, seeking to fill specialized or technical positions crucial to your company’s success.

Career Counselling and Psychometric Tests

We offer personalized career guidance and psychometric testing for students and working professionals. Through comprehensive assessments and expert guidance, we help individuals make informed decisions about their career paths, maximizing their potential for success and fulfillment.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

We offer comprehensive HR advisory services to enhance workforce management, providing pragmatic solutions for talent acquisition, development, and team transformation. Whether working within HR departments or advising senior management directly, we ensure consistently superior outcomes for organizational success.

The Recruitment Process


1.  Identifying The Hiring Need
This is the first step in recruitment, where organizations evaluate their workforce and goals to determine if new positions are required to meet current and future demands.


2.  Planning
This stage involves strategizing and setting timelines to efficiently attract and hire qualified candidates for identified positions, encompassing methods, budgets, team formation, and job descriptions.


3.  Searching
This involves actively scouting potential candidates through different channels. They include job boards, social media, and referrals to build a pool of suitable candidates matching job requirements.


4.  Identifying Viable Candidates
This is the process of evaluating candidates to determine if they meet the requirements for a position, including reviewing resumes, conducting screenings, and assessing qualifications to create a shortlist.


5.  Shortlisting Suitable Candidates
This is about persuading shortlisted candidates to consider the job by highlighting the role’s value, addressing concerns, negotiating terms, and securing commitments from the best-suited candidates.


6.  Initial Screening
This is a preliminary conversation conducted over the phone between the recruiter and the candidate. It serves as an initial filter to assess the candidate’s qualifications, experience, communication skills, and fit for the position.


7.  In-person Interviews
This is a face-to-face meeting at the our offices or a designated location where the candidate interacts with the recruiter. It provides a thorough assessment of qualifications, personality, cultural fit, and the potential for contributions to the organization through various interview formats and discussions.


8.  Employment Proposal
This is a formal offer extended by the organization to the selected candidate, detailing terms such as salary, benefits, start date, and job title, with the aim of securing the candidate’s commitment to join the organization.


9.  Hiring of the Candidate
This refers to the final step in the recruitment process where the selected candidate accepts the employment proposal and officially joins the organization. This involves completing any necessary paperwork and integrating the new hire into the team and company culture.


10.  Onboarding of the Candidate
This is the process of integrating a newly hired employee into the organization.It involves familiarizing the employee with company policies, procedures, culture, and their specific role and responsibilities. Effective onboarding helps new hires acclimate quickly, become productive, and feel engaged within the organization.