Author & Writers Training Program

Writers “get started” the day they are born.
The minds they bring into the world with them are amazing machines their stories will come out of,
And the more they feed into it, the richer those stories will be.

~ Lois Duncan

Are Writers born or are they made;

This has been a never-ending debate for ages now. Our Founder, Kailash Mota, who is a published author, believes that each one of us is born with a little bit of writer in us. But only those who have the burning desire to do something about this passion, work towards it, end up in becoming true writers.

Many of us dream of writing a book, yet for most of us this dream will remain a dream only. Writing is not only an innate skill, but it can be learnt as well. With continuous practice and training for writing, one can translate this passion into profession and make it commercially viable. If you have a desire to put pen to the put, become a successful and accomplished writer, get in touch with us for a one-to-one specialized training programs (either online or in person).